Historical Restoration Services

Historical restoration is a meticulous process that involves preserving the facades and structural components of historically significant buildings. At Blanchard Caulking and Coating, our team has decades of experience with the historical restoration of churches, high-rise buildings, city landmarks, and more, ensuring personalized solutions to prevent and mitigate water intrusion.

Our expertise spans various industries, including institutional, hospital, government, and commercial sectors. With decades of experience and two national awards in the field of Historical Restoration, we take pride in being a part of Northeast Florida’s development as your partner for all commercial waterproofing, painting, and restoration needs.

Historical Restoration Services

Here are just some of some of the many restoration job scopes we have expertise in:

  • Brick – Terra Cotta – Stone Restoration 
  • Specialty Mortar and Coquina Wall Repairs 
  • Exterior Wall Cleaning Applications (Chemical Treatments) 
  • Soft Sealing Stone Mortar Joints 
  • Tuck Pointing Brick/Stone Mortar Joints 
  • Removal of Failed Coatings and Paints


Exterior: Removed Spalled Stucco, Restored Stucco, Stripped Wood Paint and Repainted, Glazed Windows, Stucco Coating

Interior: Cleaned all Surfaces – Wall and Ceilings, Painted Ceiling, Painted Walls, Stained Rafters, Protected 100 Year Old Organ

Foundation and Bell Tower

Installed 18 coats of Stone Strengthener to all support piers and foundation walls as well as the interior of Bell Tower. We restored the 128 year old Oyster Shell Construction.



  • Completed cleaning and restoration historical windows
  • Completed cleaning and restoration of limestone walls
  • Removal of all existing coating from 3 sides of tower
  • Installed foam adhesive into wall cavity to secure facade
  • Repaired all cracks and voids in exterior
  • Applied two coats of 100% Acrylic coating


Information coming soon.