Parking Garage Restoration

Parking garage waterproofing and restoration are vital to maintaining the integrity and safety of these structures. Our expert team specializes in installing commercial-grade sealants, applying new deck coating materials, clear sealers, and more to protect these large concrete facilities.

Importance of Parking Garage Restoration

Parking garages, typically massive concrete structures, require protection from the elements to prevent water and moisture penetration into the concrete surfaces. When water infiltrates, steel reinforcements in the concrete expand, leading to concrete spalling and damage. Parking garage waterproofing and restoration are necessary preventive measures to preserve the structure’s integrity and safety.

Our Parking Garage Restoration Services

We specialize in installing commercial-grade sealants at expansion joints, control joints, spandrel joints, slab-on-grade joints, and tee-to-tee panel joints.

Our expertise extends to applying new deck coating materials on horizontal decks, including the removal of existing coatings when necessary.

We also install below-grade waterproofing at elevator pits and apply clear sealers while performing exterior wall painting.

Black Knight parkin garage.

Securing Structures Across Diverse Sectors

Our parking garage restoration services cater to a variety of industries, including:




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Parking Garage Restoration Projects

Some of our notable projects in parking garage restoration include UF Shands Health in Downtown Jacksonville and the FNF Parking Garage in Riverside, Jacksonville. These projects exemplify our commitment to excellence in preserving the integrity and safety of essential parking facilities.